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Fire Safety

A Thematic Resource Unit


On this page you'll find many songs and poems for Fire Safety Week, plus some ideas and activities for  your students, and some suggested books. To find out more about a book, click on the cover or the title to go to, then use your browser's BACK button to return here for more great ideas.  Amazon will save your books in your electronic shopping cart until you're ready to check out, now or anytime in the next 90 days.

(tune: Frere Jacques)

Firefighter, firefighter
You are brave, you are brave.
Putting out the fires, putting out the fires,
Lives you save, lives you save.

Fire Safety Books for the Reading Corner

Fire Engines
Ladder trucks, pumper trucks, fire-engine boats, firehouse ambulances, and the chief's red car - all driven by dalmations - appear in bright, colorful pictures.  Under $4.


Fire! Fire!
As captivating as Gibbons' other picture books, this volume shows firefighters in the country, the city, the forest, and on the waterfront.  A great beginning for your Fire Safety unit.

A favorite with my class!
Teaches the basics of fire safety as it follows a team of fire-fighting Dalmatians as they gear up, fight a fire, investigate and clean up afterward, and prepare for the next one.  Under $5.

Fire Fighter!
An Eyewitness Reader
Full color photos make this a popular book in my class.  Under $4.

Fighting Fires
Another terrific photo essay book on firefighting, this one includes a woman firefighter.
Under $5.

Barney & BJ Go To
The Fire Station
Terrific photos take your kids up close at the fire house.  Under $3.

All Aboard Fire Trucks
Good information and appealing pictures.
Under $3.

I'm A Fire Fighter
A Hello Reader
 The story of a boy
 pretending to be a fire fighter,  who battles a blaze and saves a cat.

Fire Truck to the Rescue
Part of the popular Tonka Trucks series.  Under $3.

Fire Fighting
A First Discovery Book
Lots of important information on the hows and whys of a firefighter's job.

Scholastic Reference Book
Though intended for older readers, this book is fascinating to younger children due to numerous photos and magazine-type layout.  Highly recommended.


Here are some Fire Safety tips from the
United States Fire Safety Administration.

Make sure everyone in your family knows and practices escape routes from
 every room in your home.

Remember to escape first, know how to notify the fire department, and when to call for help.

Never open doors that are hot to the touch.

Teach your family to stop, drop to the ground and roll if their clothes catch

Designate a meeting place outside. Try to make it a location away from your home, but not necessarily across the street.

Teach your family to never re-enter a burning building.

Songs and Poems
I Am A Fireman
(tune:  I'm A Little Teapot) 
I am a fireman, dressed in red. 
With my fire hat on my head. 
I can drive the firetruck, fight fire too,
And help to make things safe for you.

(tune: Pop Goes The Weasel)

Down the street the engine goes
The firemen fight the fire
Up the ladder with their hose
Out goes the fire.

Firefighter Song
(tune: I'm a Little Teapot)

    I'm a little firefighter on the go.
Here is my helmet
Here is my hose.
When I see a fire,
Hear me shout:
"Turn on the water
and put the fire out!"

The Fire Song

Fire, fire, fire, fire,
Hear the sirens blowing.

Fire, fire, fire, fire,
Everyone is going.

Climb the ladder,
Squirt the hose.

With a SHH, SHH, SHH, SHH,
OUT the fire goes!

Smoke Chant

If you don't want to choke
Crawl under the smoke.
Get down on the floor
And head for the door.

Act out with a blanket or towel as the smoke, have children crawl underneath. 

Five Little Firefighters

Five little firefighters
Sleeping in a row.
RING goes the bell!
Down the pole they go.
They jump on the engine,
And put out the fire.
Now they're back at home -
My, but they're tired!

Down at the Firehouse
by Jean Warren
(tune: Down by the Station)

 Down at the firehouse
 Early in the morning,
 You can see our clothes
 Hanging in a row.
 When there is a fire,
 We can dress real fast.
 Boots, jackets, hats, gloves,
 Off we go!


 Fire Safety Song
(from the Nuttin' But Kids Website)

Sing with a dog puppet, to the tune of
Popeye the Sailor Man

I'm Fire Safety Sam. (ruff, ruff)
I'm Fire Safety Sam. (ruff, ruff)

Please test smoke detectors
'Cause they're home protectors.

I'm Fire Safety Sam.  (ruff, ruff)
Substitute lines 3 and 4 with the following words for new verses...

It's important to say ...
With matches, don't play.

If there's smoke you should know,
you'd better crawl low.

Have a fire escape plan.
Every family can.

If there's a fire, get out.
Use your escape route.

Go to a neighbor's when alone,
Then call 9-1-1 on the phone.

Clothes on fire?  Here's your goal:
First stop, then drop, and roll!



Construction Paper Fire Truck
Use large red rectangles and smaller black squares that can be trimmed into circles by snipping off the corners.  Add details with markers or crayons.

Fire Station Field Trip

Visit a fire station or have them come visit your classroom.  We have a fire station about a block from school, and they're often willing to come set up the truck and let the kids touch everything, including helping to aim the hose.  The kids find this very exciting.

Make An Emergency Fire Pail

Make an Emergency Fire Pail using ARM & HAMMER®
Baking Soda! Here’s a great Fire Safety Awareness project for
kids that will help the whole family be prepared for small fires.
Using Baking Soda and a coffee can, kids can make a Fire Pail
to have on hand in the event of a kitchen fire. To make a Fire
Pail, request a label with instructions by sending a self-addressed,
stamped envelope to ARM & HAMMER® Fire Pail Brochures, PO Box
7468, Princeton, NJ 08543.


Click here to visit the Survive Alive Website
An outstanding resource provided by
Allstate Insurance, with downloadable
coloring pages, fire safety lessons, a
kids club area, and more!

Never Play With Matches
(tune: Frere Jacques )

Never, never play with matches.
If you do, if you do,
You might burn your fingers,
You might burn your fingers,
That won't do!  That won't do!

Never, never play with matches.
If you do, if you do,
You might burn your clothes,
You might burn your clothes,
That won't do!  That won't do!

Don't Forget Smokey the Bear!

A great way to spice up your Fire Safety unit is to call the nearest office of the National Forest Service, and see what Smokey the Bear is up to in your neck of the woods.  You might be able to arrange for Smokey to visit your classroom, along with a Ranger friend from a state or national park.  And you can probably get the ranger who answers the phone to send you some fun freebies for your class:  Smokey the Bear posters, buttons, bumper stickers, or coloring books.  Be sure to ask.

Smokey's Rules For Preventing Forest Fires

Never leave a campfire unattended.

If you see matches, give them to an adult immediately.

Always keep a bucket of water and shovel near a campfire!

The Bear Facts

There are several versions of the "true" story of Smokey the Bear.  Growing up in California, I was told that Smokey the Bear was a real bear that was injured in a forest fire in California.  He was badly burned on his face and his body, and it took a special team of doctors and caregivers to save his life.  After he recovered, Smokey lived at California's Folsom Zoo until he died in 1985.  His mate, Alice, and his son Ensign are still at the zoo.  Many teachers in California still tell this version of the story.

Other sources say Smokey came from New Mexico.  According to this version of the story, in the 1950s a bear cub  in the Capitan Mountains of New Mexico got caught in a forest fire. To escape the flames and burning bushes, he climbed up a tree. By the time the fire fighters found the scared and hungry cub, the forest was charred and blackened.

The firefighters, park forest rangers and the warden were so moved by the spunky survival of this little cub that they named him Smokey.  They put him on a plane and sent him to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. to live.

In the town of Capitan, New Mexico, people erected a park and museum to honor the brave bear. The museum still exists today, and the park says Smokey is buried there.  Visit their website at  Smokey Bear State Historical Park - New Mexico.

Smokey the Bear Links
forest fun, interactive mazes, coloring pages,
bear facts, and Smokey mail

Smokey's Coloring Book
print out a coloring book to reproduce for your class
good fire safety rules and a quiz are included

Smokey's Activity Sheets
10 fun sheets to print out from California's Stanislaus National Forest Service website.  You'll find more great stuff in their kid center, too, including information on forest management and a coloring and activity book called Tread Lightly that you can print and reproduce.  The TREAD Lightly program uses the letters in the word TREAD to convey this message ...
Travel on designated routes or areas.
Respect the rights of others.
Educate yourself with maps and other information.
Avoid lakes, streams, meadows and other sensitive areas.
Drive, ride and hike responsibly.
U.S.D.A. Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region
Map of all of California's National Forests
plus a Virtual Visitor Center

Timber Trek
a kid's site run by the Woodrow family bush camp and
Australia's National Association of Forest Industries
Be sure to visit their library for craft projects,
recipes, activities, and puzzles, and read the latest
issue of their online kid's magazine, too!

Smokey Bear's Touch and Feel Forest

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